Released: 2021

Asphyxiating Cries:

There is a very fine line between your conscience and your demons. When your conscience betrays you, your own cries become asphyxiating, as you feel surrounded by what you believe to be your demons. 
Describing self-inflicted sorrow, Asphyxiating Cries is Madzilla's latest single!


Released: 2019

The Last Goodbye:

Life can be unfair and bring terrible tragedies along the way. When every night feels the same, and all that spreads through one's mind is pain, the desire to meet death, who whispers your name, this is The Last Goodbye. Featuring Australian vocalist Natalie Brown, enjoy The Last Goodbye!


Released: 2019


The band’s latest single, Vengeance, criticizes a selfish society that seeks power beyond all else. A power hungry ruler that creates an uncomfortable environment amongst all those who he rules, will find himself forgotten and alone, having lost all his so desired power once the oppressed find their way. “Vengeance” is a social criticism against the excessive abuse of power.

Destiny Eyes:

A neglected society is left in sorrow and despair, after believing the endless lies and fake promises of a better life made by a careless entity.Destiny’s Eyes is a social criticism against deceptive and misleading people and advertising.

Darkened Eternal Life:

After a selfish life, in which greed has lead to a painful and tragic ending (described in the previous single “Vengeance”), this unfortunate being finds his soul lost in an obscure and lonely place, where karma has taken him to spend all of Eternity.

El Juicio FInal (Judgement Day Spanish Version):

An unfortunate car accident in 2010, in which David Cabezas, creator of the band, lost a great childhood friend, lead to the creation of the band’s earliest single “Judgment Day”, a song dedicated to the final moments of life, and the loss of a loved one.

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