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Madzilla LV is local band from Las Vegas, that started its professional musical journey on 2018. They are pigeonholed in the “Melodic Thrash Metal” genre.

The band Madzilla LV is integrated by:

- David Cabezas (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
- Daniel Gortaire (Bass)
- David Oliveri (Guitar)
- Robert Wiggin (Drums)


They seek to transcend their music, to be heard by audiences of all
ages, and carry their ideology through their music.


An unfortunate car accident in 2010, in which David Cabezas, creator of the band, lost a great childhood friend, lead to the creation of the band’s earliest single “Judgment Day”, a song dedicated to the final moments of life, and the loss of a loved one.


Other singles, like their most recent single “Vengeance”, criticize a selfish society that seeks power beyond all else, and the
repercussions it creates.


Madzilla LV’s members come from an extensive background in the
music scene, having performed, recorded, and toured in several
occasions with several different bands.
Today, Madzilla LV is ready to launch their EP, and will be touring in
the not to distant future.

"Endless pain will feed eternal desire, Judgment Day is on the rising there’s nowhere to hide"

- Madzilla -